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Acetic Acid (64-19-7)
Chemical reagent and descaling agent used in plastics, films and glues as well as an acidity regulator in foods. Also known as Acetyl Hydroxide (AcOH), Hydrogen Acetate (HAc), Ethylic Acid, Methanecarboxylic Acid.

Acetic Acid, Glacial (64-19-7)
Water-free acid, acetic acid containing less than 1 percent of water and high freezing point. Also known as Acetic Acid, Methane Carboxylic Acid; Ethanoic Acid.

Acetone (67-64-1)
Colorless organic solvent as a component of most paint and varnish removers. Also known as dimethyl ketone, dimethylformaldehyde, propanone, 2-propanone, and propan-2-one.

Acetonitrile (75-05-8)
Colorless liquid that is the simplest organic nitrile and most widely used as a solvent. Also known as Methyl cyanide; Cyanomethane.

Acetyl Chloride (75-36-5)
At room temperature, a clear, colorless liquid which is a reagent for acetylation in the synthesis or derivation of chemical compounds. Also known as Ethanoyl chloride.

Acetylacetone (123-54-6)
A colorless, stable liquid with a keytone-like odor, also known as 2,4-Pentanedione.

The ion of acrylic acid used as a monomer in polymer plastics.

Acrylic Monomers
Acrylic acid and esters used in adhesives, inks and coatings, plastics, and textiles products.

Acrylic Resins (9003-01-4, 9003-03-6, 9003-04-7)
A group of related thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substances used for lacquer, textile finishes, adhesives, paper gloss, and making hard plastics.

Adipic Acid (124-04-9)
A white crystalline powder used in plasticizers, flexible foam, TPU, wet strength resins for paper.

Aluminum Hydroxychloride (12042-91-0)
An inorganic polymer used in deodorants, antiperspirants and in water purification.

Aluminum Paste (7429-90-5)
Commonly used in industrial paints as well as inks, coatings, and pigments. Also known as Aluminum Powder, Aluminum Powder Paste, Leafing Aluminum Paste.

Aluminum Potassium Sulphate (10043-67-1)
White solid used in many industries including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food.

Ammonium Bromide (12124-97-9)
White crystalline powder used as a flame retardant.

Ammonium Carbonate (506-87-6)
A white powder used as a smelling salt, leavening agent and substitute for baking powder.

Ammonium Persulfate (7727-54-0)
Used in the synthetic resin and polymer industries, adhesives, metal finishing, paper coatings and pulping, textile industry, and in analytical chemistry.

Ammonium Sulfamate (7773-06-0)
White crystalline powder used as a weed killer.

Anethole (4180-23-8)
White crystalline, anise flavored sweetener significantly more sweet than sugar.

Antimony Trioxide (1309-64-4)
A white solid that is used as a flame retardant, opacifying agent, pigment and catalyst in plastic.

Aqualon N-14 (9004-57-3)
A white to off-white granular powder ethylcellulose with a low softening point and its broad compatibility with oils and resins.

Ascorbic Acid (50-81-7)
White to light-yellow water-soluble crystalline powder used as a preservative and a reductant in photographic development.

Aspartame (22839-47-0)
Sweetener used in the food industry.


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